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Delivering Better Retirement Outcomes

At RPS Partners LLC we are "Instividually" focused working with both Institutions and Individuals to navigate the Retirement landscape.

There are over 25,000 Corporations that have Defined Benefit Plans totaling $3 Trillion. Nearly 40% of these firms have decided to freeze their plans but continue to keep their Defined Benefit Plans open, needlessly costing  them millions of dollars. For these firms and the firms that have unfrozen Plans, we help them eliminate or reduce costs along with the associated Actuarial, Investment and Regulatory Risk of their Defined Benefit Plans.

We also work with the employees of these firms to help them determine where they are and where they should be on the Road to Retirement Readiness.  Eighty one percent of Individuals say they don't know how much money they need to retire. We help them answer that question by providing a framework to understand 1) how much they will spend in retirement, 2) how long their retirement may last and 3) how they can structure their social security and other assets to ensure they will not run out of money during their retirement. 

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